Automation in CRM+

Getting Started

The automation process begins when a Lead either fills out an inquiry form on your website or when a director completes the form within the CRM tool. Kindertales provides customizable forms that can be embedded seamlessly into your website, ensuring a user-friendly experience for both daycare administrators and inquiring families.

Journey Stages

The automated journey for Leads comprises seven distinct stages, each tailored to the actions of the inquiring family. Let's explore these stages in detail:

  1. New Leads Stage: Upon form submission, the Lead enters the New Leads stage. An automated email is sent on the first day of their journey, initiating the engagement process. Tasks are assigned over a two-week period to encourage continuous contact.

  2. Engaged Stage: If the family responds to an email or phone call, establishing two-way communication, you move that card to the Engaged stage.

  3. Tour Scheduled Stage: Families can schedule a tour with your daycare center, so you can transition them to the Tour Scheduled stage.

  4. Tour Outcome: After the scheduled tour, there are two potential outcomes – Tour Incomplete or Tour Completed, providing insights into the family's experience.

  5. Decision Stage: Families, having made a decision, are moved to either Closed Won or Closed Lost stages. A dialogue box prompts administrators to specify the reasons for the decision, facilitating data-driven insights.

Benefits of Automation in CRM+

  1. Efficient Communication: Automated emails and task assignments streamline communication with Leads, ensuring timely follow-ups.

  2. Transparent Decision-Making: The platform facilitates transparent decision-making by categorizing Leads into stages with clear outcomes and reasons for success or loss.

  3. Time-Saving: Automation eliminates manual processes, saving valuable time for administrative teams to focus on personalized interactions.

  4. Data-Driven Insights: Detailed records of each Lead's journey provide valuable insights for refining outreach strategies and improving overall efficiency.


Incorporating the automation functionality in CRM+ within your daycare center's operations using Kindertales can significantly enhance your lead management process. By leveraging the platform's features, you can streamline communication, gain valuable insights, and ultimately make informed decisions to strengthen your daycare center's enrollment process.