Power BI: Charges Report

All aspects of your organization's revenue in one place.

The PowerBI Charges Report provides you with the ability to see all aspects of your revenue in one place with just a glance! Total billed, Credits, Discounts, Refunds, and Net Revenue. Filter by Location and Date to get the numbers you need.

Drill down into any of the top level fields (Total Billed, Credit, Discount, Refund, NSF, or Net Revenue) to dig into the Child Charges associated with each field. Simply right click on the desired field and select the "Drill Through" option. You will see below that the Discount drill through for Child Charges has been selected.

From the Child Charges page, you have the added Status filter that allows you to filter by Active or Pending charges, as well as Location and Date Range. Additionally, you can drill through by right clicking the top level fields to get to the Charge Credit Summary for even more details, if you need them!

Back on the first Charges Report screen, don't forget that you can toggle through Program Fees, Incidental Fees, Discounts, and Credits to see all those numbers broken out by location!