Closing a Location in Kindertales

Learn how to properly close a location in Kindertales and understand who retains access post-disabling for seamless management and transition processes

What's Included in this Article?

Guiding Principles

Closing a location in Kindertales is a straightforward process designed to ensure a smooth transition while maintaining essential functionalities for both parents and administrators. There are two principles guiding Kindertales when disabling a location:

  1. Parent Access: Even after deactivating a location, parents can still access important features within Kindertales. This includes signing in to access tax receipts and previous charge receipts. Additionally, parents can continue to make payments for outstanding charges, ensuring seamless financial transactions.

  2. Superadmin Privileges: Superadmins retain access to the desktop interface even when all locations are disabled. This access is crucial for generating reports and managing the center. Superadmins can continue to oversee operations and facilitate administrative processes.

Priority One: End Care or Transfer Students

Ensuring compliance and accurate tax receipts for your families, it's essential either to end care for all children or transfer them to one of your other locations before disabling the location to prevent automatic transactions from continuing.

  • If you need guidance on ending care for children in Kindertales, we have a comprehensive article available to assist you. Access it here.

  • If you need to transfer children to a different location within Kindertales, we have a dedicated article to guide you through the process. You can access it here.

Who Retains Access After Disabling a Location?

After disabling a location in Kindertales, access privileges vary for different user roles:

  • Superadmin User Role: Superadmins maintain access to the desktop interface for reporting and management purposes, ensuring continued oversight of operations.

  • Director User Role: Directors, responsible for operational aspects, lose access to the desktop interface after a location is closed. This restriction ensures the ending of operational activities.

  • Teacher User Role: Teachers, primarily involved in day-to-day operations, also lose access to the web and mobile apps following the closure of a location. This measure prevents further logging of activities, aligning with the end of operations.

I'm Ready to Disable the Location -- How Do I Do That in Kindertales?

  • Click on Settings in the top right-hand corner
  • Hover over Admin to open the dropdown menu and click Location Management
  • Click on the pencil icon next to the location
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Location Details section and click Disable Location
  • Confirm your action when prompted

💡 Kindertales Tips

  • We recommend downloading these reports
    • Outstanding Charges Report
    • Staff Time Card Report
    • Attendance History Report
  • While we do not automatically send a notification to families when you disable the location, we recommend proactively sending a final notification containing relevant information from this article to ensure clarity and transparency for your families.

Following these guidelines ensures a smooth closure process in Kindertales, maintaining necessary functionalities for parents while appropriately restricting access for directors and staff. This approach facilitates efficient management and transition within the daycare company.