Create and Lock Subsidy Ledger

Manage Subsidy Receipt: Learn to create, review, and lock subsidy ledgers. Receive subsidies and track collections easily.

  1. Select Billing from the left menu
  2. Select Subsidy Receiving
  3. Create a report:
    • Select the subsidy method
    • Select the date range you wish to create a report on
      NOTE: the date range entered cannot include days in a previous report.
    • Create a Report
    • Review and lock the ledger
  4. Receive Subsidy:
    • Select Locked Ledgers
    • Select the subsidy method
    • Select the date range 
    • Below all the details of the subsidy collected during that date range will appear.
    • To the right, enter the amount collected and the date.  The Action icons represent if you received the total amount expected from the subsidy or a less amount.  The Green Coin icon to the far right represents the total amount collected as the blue smaller amount of coins represents that you received less than expected from the subsidy.  
    • Select the Green Coin icon if you received the expected total amount 
    • Select the Blue Coin icon if you received less than expected.
    • If you receive less than expected, enter the amount you received in the received box.
    • Once all records for all children accepting subsidy have been received the report is complete.