CRM+ vs Legacy CRM

When deciding to use Kindertales CRM+, it's essential to understand the features available with CRM+ over the default Kindertales system. This guide will help you quickly compare CRM+ with the Legacy Kindertales CRM, and determine which best suits your needs.



Legacy CRM

Lead Capture

Gather and manage information about potential customers to effectively facilitate the sales process

Lead Tracking

Track the status of customer leads

Inquiry Forms

Direct links to inquiry and application forms that can be embedded on websites

To-do list

Organize and track tasks efficiently

Automated task generation

System generated tasks so that no lead ever falls through the cracks

Multi-Location Management

Prevents duplicate entries across multiple locations

Configurable Lead Routing

Options for a centralized or decentralized enrollment team


Configure and orchestrate tailored customer journeys for each stage of the inquiry process

Automated Journeys

Automate follow-up emails, texts and task assignments

Business Rules

Include automated actions, decisions, delays, and more

Drag-and-Drop Automation

Use drag-and-drop functionality to create customized journeys for each stage


Communicate across channels and enhance customer interactions

Basic Email Functionality

Keep leads engaged via email

Email Templates

Create, modify, and send email templates with EasyBuilder for flexible designs


Capture customer interactions and insights for informed decisions and personalized service


Manage waitlists to prioritize and coordinate customer or resource allocation

Tour Scheduling

Schedule and review tours directly from the system

Enrollment Management

Enroll children and link CRM records to existing profiles


Review lead conversion and other metrics

Reporting Tools

Review and analyze key metrics related to leads and tasks


Measure conversion ratios from inquiry to tour and then tour to enrollment

PPC Tracking

Track digital ad effectiveness by capturing UTM parameters to attribute leads to specific campaigns



Kindertales' default CRM provides essential tools for managing leads and communication, making it suitable for centers with basic needs. However, if you require advanced automation, detailed tracking, and enhanced task management, CRM+ offers a comprehensive solution to streamline your processes and improve engagement with families.

By understanding the capabilities of both systems, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your center's requirements and goals.