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Event-Based Enrollment

Streamlining Your Daycare's Event Management Process

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Introduction: Maximizing the Impact of Event-Based Enrollment at Your Daycare

Welcome to our new Event-Based Enrollment feature in Kindertales! Designed to cater to the unique demands of camps and temporary childcare programs, this tool is not just about simplifying enrollment—it's about enhancing the way your organization operates on a daily basis.

Key Features and How They Benefit Your Daycare:

  • Streamlined Shopping and Enrollment: The dedicated portal allows parents to easily find and register for the events that best suit their needs. For your team, this means a reduction in the time spent on customer inquiries and manual enrollment processes, allowing you to focus more on delivering exceptional care and less on administrative tasks.

  • Automatic System Integration: From the moment a parent completes a registration, the participant's details are automatically integrated into your Kindertales system. This includes crucial data such as start and end dates, group assignments, and billing information. The immediate benefit? A significant decrease in data entry errors and a more reliable way to manage attendee records.

  • Efficient Billing Management: With automatic billing updates, your finance team can better manage cash flow and invoicing, ensuring that all financial aspects are handled accurately and punctually. This automated system also supports various payment options, enhancing the convenience for parents while ensuring timely payments.

  • Comprehensive Enrollment Dashboard: Gain a complete overview of both standard and event-based enrollments through an intuitive dashboard. This feature supports better resource allocation and helps you prepare for future events with accurate predictions based on current and historical data.

  • Customizable Event Options: Adapt each event to meet the needs of your daycare and the families you serve. Customize everything from age requirements to required documents, making sure every event runs smoothly according to your operational standards and compliance needs.

Implementing This Feature:

As you prepare to roll out the Event-Based Enrollment feature, consider scheduling a training session for your staff to ensure everyone is familiar with the new system. Utilize the resources and support provided by Kindertales to make the transition as smooth as possible.

By fully integrating the Event-Based Enrollment feature into your daily operations, you'll not only improve the efficiency of your registration processes but also enhance the overall experience for both staff and families. We're here to support you every step of the way as you make the most of this new tool.

Setting Up Event Groups

Event groups organize your daycare's events into categories, making it easier for parents to find and enroll in the right programs. For example, an "Art Camp" could be an event group with separate events like "Painting Camp" tailored to different age groups. Follow these steps to set up an event group in Kindertales:

  1. Access Settings: Begin by clicking on the Settings icon in the main navigation bar.

  2. Navigate to Admin: Hover over the Admin option in the dropdown menu to reveal further options.

  3. Open Add-Ons: In the expanded menu, click on Add-Ons to proceed.

  4. Configure Events: Next, click on Configure Events. This will direct you to the event management area.

  5. Event Groups Tab: By default, you will land on the "Event Groups" tab, where you can view existing groups or create new ones.

  6. Create a New Event Group: To add a new group, click on the blue plus sign located in the corner of the interface.

  7. Enter Event Group Details

    • Give your event group a name that will be prominently displayed on the sidebar of the external e-commerce platform.
    • Add a description for the event group. This description will appear in a smaller font below the name on the platform, providing potential participants with more context about the events included in this group.

2024-04-30_at_12.00.54_ScreenshotAdd Event Group Details Quickly in the Event Groups Tab

By following these steps, you can effectively organize your events and make it easier for families to navigate and select the best options for their children. This structured approach not only enhances user experience but also streamlines the enrollment process for your daycare's special events and camps.

Adding an Event to an Event Group

To ensure your daycare’s special events are organized and accessible to parents, follow these steps to add a new event to an existing event group in Kindertales:

  1. Access Settings: Start by clicking on the Settings icon in your main navigation bar.

  2. Navigate to Admin: Hover over the Admin option to reveal additional settings in the dropdown menu.

  3. Open Add-Ons: From the dropdown, click on Add-Ons to proceed to the next set of options.

  4. Configure Events: Now, click on Configure Events to access the event management section.

  5. Select the 'Events' Tab: Within the event configuration, click on the 'Events' tab to view or create events.

  6. Initiate Event Creation: Click the blue plus sign to begin adding a new event.

  7. Enter Event Details

    • Event Group: Select the event group to which this event will belong.
    • Room: Specify the room or initial location where the event will start each day.
    • Description: Provide a detailed description of the event. This will be visible to parents on the e-commerce platform and should clearly communicate what the event entails.
    • Date Range: Set the start and end dates for the event.
    • Registration Go Live: Choose the date and time when parents can begin registering their children.
    • Registration Close: Determine the deadline for registration.
    • Age Range: Define the age limits for participants. Children must meet the minimum age requirement by the start date of the event.
    • Event Capacity: Indicate the maximum number of participants allowed. Registration will automatically close when this limit is reached.
    • Grace Period (minutes): Set how many minutes after the scheduled check-out time parents can pick up their children before incurring a late fee.
    • Late Fee per Minute ($): Specify the fee charged per minute if parents exceed the grace period.
    • Enable Waitlist: Toggle this option ON to include the event in the waitlist manager, allowing parents to sign up even after the event is full.
  8. Save and Add Event: Once all fields are completed, click on Save and Add to finalize the event creation.

2024-04-30_at_12.03.04_Screenshot-1Entering Event Details in the Events Tab

By following these detailed steps, you can successfully add new events to your daycare’s schedule, ensuring that all necessary information is accurately captured and communicated to parents. This process not only organizes events within their respective groups but also facilitates a smoother registration experience for families.

Setting Up Pricing for Events

Efficiently manage your daycare’s event pricing by following these integrated steps to add pricing options to each event in Kindertales:

  1. Access Settings: Begin by clicking on the Settings icon in the main navigation bar to access your system settings.

  2. Navigate to Admin: Hover over the Admin option to expand the menu and view additional settings.

  3. Open Add-Ons: From the expanded menu, click on Add-Ons to proceed to additional configurations.

  4. Configure Events: Next, click on Configure Events to enter the event management area.

  5. Select the 'Events' Tab: Click on the 'Events' tab to view the list of events you have created.

  6. Choose an Event: Select the event you wish to add pricing to by clicking on it in the left-hand sidebar.

  7. Initiate Pricing Addition: Click the green plus sign to start adding a new pricing tier.

  8. Complete the Pricing Details:

    • Description: Enter a name for the pricing tier, such as "5 Day Pricing" or "3 Day Pricing".
    • Allow Parents to Select Days: Toggle to allow or restrict parents from selecting specific days.
    • Start & End Times: Set the specific start and end times for this pricing tier.
    • Recurring or One Time Payment: Specify the type of payment.
    • Accept Deposit: Determine if you will accept a deposit at registration.
    • Full Tuition ($): Enter the total cost of the event for this tier.
    • Auto-Payment Due: Set the date for auto-payment or when the final payment is due.
  9. Save and Add Pricing: After filling out all necessary fields, click on 'Save and Add' to apply the pricing details to the event.

2024-04-30_at_12.29.34_Screenshot-1Editing Pricing in the Events Tab

By streamlining these steps, you create structured and clear pricing tiers for each event, providing transparent and flexible payment options for parents. This method not only facilitates better financial management for your daycare but also enhances service delivery by accommodating diverse family needs.

Configuring Event Settings

Optimize your event registration process and customize the post-registration experience with Kindertales' event settings. These settings are divided into two main sections: Easy Registration and Thank You Page Settings.

Easy Registration is coming in Beta 2!

Easy Registration

This section is designed to streamline the registration process for families:

  • Toggle Easy Registration: This toggle can be turned ON to allow families to enter minimal information when purchasing an event. This option is ideal for encouraging quick sign-ups and increasing participation rates.
    • When ON: After purchase, an email will be sent to the family asking them to create a Kindertales account and complete all necessary enrollment details. This ensures that while the initial registration is expedited, all required information is eventually collected.
    • When OFF: Families must complete all enrollment forms before they can finalize their purchase. This setting ensures that all necessary data is collected upfront.

Thank You Page Settings

Customize the confirmation experience for families who have completed the registration process with these settings:

  1. Thank You Page Images:

    • Customize the post-purchase experience by uploading a custom image that reflects your brand. This visual touch can make the confirmation page more engaging and reassuring for families.
    • Image Sizes: It is recommended to upload three sizes to ensure the image displays appropriately across different devices:
      • Small Image: For mobile views
      • Medium Image: For tablet views
      • Large Image: For desktop views
    • Note: Ensure that each image meets the specific pixel size recommendations to guarantee optimal display quality.
  2. Thank You Page Text:

    • Customize the message that appears on the thank you page after a parent completes an event registration.
    • Default Message: If no custom text is entered and this setting is enabled, the page will automatically display "Thank you for your purchase." This message can be personalized to better align with your daycare's tone and brand.

2024-04-30_at_12.11.54_ScreenshotTailoring Your Event Settings

By properly configuring these settings, you can streamline the registration process and enhance the overall experience for families engaging with your events. This thoughtful customization not only improves user satisfaction but also reinforces your brand’s commitment to a smooth and professional service.

Managing Locations

Effectively manage where and how events are available across different locations in your organization with Kindertales' Location Management settings. This tool is crucial for administrators who need to oversee event availability and manage settings on a location-by-location basis.

Location Management Overview

This section of the event settings provides a comprehensive view of all your locations and their event statuses, making it easy to manage events across multiple sites:

  • Location Table: The main feature of this page is a table that lists all your organization's locations. This table is divided into three columns:
    • Checkbox: Allows you to select one or more locations. You can choose individual locations by ticking their respective boxes or select all locations at the top of the column.
    • Location Name: Displays the name of each location within your organization.
    • Event Status: Shows whether the event feature is enabled or disabled at each location, providing a high-level overview of event activity across your organization.

2024-04-30_at_12.13.15_ScreenshotEvent Location Management

Modifying Event Settings

To adjust the event settings for specific locations:

  1. Select Locations:

    • Single Location: Tick the checkbox next to the location name for which you wish to modify the event settings.
    • Multiple Locations: Select multiple checkboxes if you need to enable or disable events for several locations at once.
  2. Enable or Disable Events:

    • Once the desired locations are selected, click the 'Enable' or 'Disable' button to change the event status. Enabling will allow events to be hosted at the selected locations, while disabling will prevent events from being held there.

Kindertales Tips for Effective Location Management

  • Regular Review: Periodically review the event statuses for all locations to ensure they accurately reflect your current operational needs.
  • Consistent Updates: Make timely adjustments as your event strategies evolve or as locations change their operational capabilities.

Our Location Management feature is designed to give you granular control over where events can be held, ensuring that your organization's resources are optimized and that events are only active where they can be best supported. This management tool is essential for maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of your event offerings across all locations.

Sharing the E-Commerce Platform with Families

Ensure that families can easily access and participate in your events by sharing the e-commerce platform link. This link leads directly to all active events and event groups, providing detailed descriptions and registration options. Here’s how you can share this link:

  1. Access Settings: Begin by clicking on the Settings icon in your main navigation bar to access your system settings.

  2. Navigate to Admin: Hover over the Admin option, and then click on Add-Ons to proceed to additional configurations.

  3. Configure Events: Click on Configure Events to access the event management area.

  4. Select Event Groups: In the event management section, click on the Event Groups tab to view all groups.

  5. Copy the URL: Locate the event group you want to share and click the copy icon under the Copy URL column. This action copies the URL to your clipboard.

2024-04-30_at_11.57.45_ScreenshotEasily Copy Event Group URLs

Using the Shared URL

  • Direct Access for Families: Paste this URL in communications to families, such as emails or newsletters, enabling them to view and register for events directly.
  • Integrate on Your Website: Embed this link on your daycare’s website or landing page to facilitate easy access to your event offerings.

What Families Can Do with the Link:

  • New Families: Can view event details and create an account to sign up for Kindertales events.
  • Existing Families: Can log in using their existing Kindertales information to register for events.

Sharing this link streamlines the process for families to engage with your events, ensuring they have all the information they need to make informed decisions about their childcare options.

Frequency Asked Questions

Q: Do children enrolled in events appear in the same management areas as children enrolled in regular daycare programs?

A: Yes, children who are enrolled in events will appear in the Kindertales Enrollment Manager just like children who are enrolled in regular daycare programs. Once parents have completed all required registration forms, these children's profiles will also be searchable within Kindertales, ensuring a consistent and unified management experience. This integration helps streamline administrative processes and allows for seamless management of both event and regular enrollments.


Q: What is the registration process for existing Kindertales families who want to sign up for an event?

A: The registration process for existing families is simple and efficient. To sign up for an event, families should navigate to the e-commerce platform via the link located on the Event Groups page. Once there, they can log in with their standard Kindertales email and password. Additionally, families can use their existing payment method saved in Kindertales to complete their event purchases. This streamlined process ensures a hassle-free registration experience for all returning families.


Q: What happens to the profiles of families who create an account on the e-commerce platform but do not complete a purchase? Are these profiles added to our Kindertales system?

A: Families who sign up on the e-commerce platform are not integrated into Kindertales until they complete a purchase and fill out all required enrollment forms. This means that no profiles will be added to your Kindertales system without the necessary steps being completed, ensuring that your database remains clean and only contains information on students who are actively enrolled in your daycare. Additionally, if you are interested in reaching out to families who showed interest but did not finalize their enrollment, we maintain a list of these potential customers on the e-commerce platform. You can request this list from our customer support team at any time to follow up with these leads.