Fee Pass Through

Learn how to set up Fee Pass Through in Kindertales to add charges for online transactions, such as credit card fees

Regulatory Considerations

Please be aware that the regulations governing the passing of credit card processing fees to card holders differ across states and jurisdictions. It is the responsibility of the childcare provider to determine the legal requirements and regulations in their state regarding the passing of credit card processing fees to card holders. Kindertales does not provide legal advice and is not responsible for any legal consequences that may arise from a merchant’s decision to pass on credit card processing fees to their customers.


By utilizing Kindertales’ payment processing services, the merchant agrees to indemnify and hold Kindertales harmless from any legal action or liability arising from the passing of credit card processing fees to their customers.

Part 1: Enabling and Configuring Fee Pass Through

  1. Click Settings, then Billing and select Fee Pass Through
  2. Review the legal text and if you are certain your region has no regulations against passing credit card fees to customers click the checkbox next to “I understand…”
  3. Toggle the Enable Fee Pass Through switch to ON

  4. You can choose to lock all locations to use the same fee calculation or set a specific rate per location by toggling the location lock on or off
  5. If you are working per location select the locations you wish to configure from the Location dropdown
  6. Enter a description. This description will appear as the charge description. The debit type will be Fee.
  7. Set your Fee Amount. You can choose to only add a % or fixed amount or both.
  8. Click Update and Save your saved Fee Pass Through setup is displayed in the list below.


Part 2: Fee Pass Through Processing

  1. Kindertales will automatically generate the additional processing fee when a credit card transaction is manually or automatically processed in the system
  2. On the child charges page any transaction that will incur a fee will display an icon next to the amount. Hovering your mouse over the icon will display text indicating that a processing fee will be created and the amount.

  3. On the child billing dashboard the Next Charge tile and details pop-up will also include the amount plus any fees

    CCSS04 (1).
  4. Billing emails to parents will indicate that the amount displayed includes fees. The amount of the fees and the fees description are included in the details.

    CCSS05 (1).