How to Add Classrooms and Common Areas

Easily manage your facility's spaces. Add and edit classrooms or common areas with simple steps

  1. Select Settings in the top right-hand corner
  2. Select the Rooms tab
  3. Select Add/Edit Room
  4. Fill out the required information:
    1. Room Type: Select Room Type from the drop-down menu. (Classroom or Common Area)
    2. Name: Name the room
    3. Hours Per Day: Select the number of hours that room is available daily (this option will appear based on room type)
    4. Capacity: Set the capacity. (Maximum number of students allowed in this room.)
    5. Ratio: Set the ratio (# of children per 1 teacher)
  5. Select Save


Kindertales Tips

There are 2 types of rooms you can choose from:

  • Classroom – This is typically the room that a child will check into every morning and will spend a majority of their day in.  It is usually specific to an individual program (ex. Infants, toddlers, etc).
  • Common Area – This is typically a room that a child or children will move to throughout the day for a short period of time.  It is not specific to an individual program and everyone tends to use it equally (ex. Playground, library, out for a walk, etc)