How to Apply an Individual Charge

Learn to apply individual charges to child accounts in Kindertales for precise billing and financial tracking

  1. Navigate to the Charges tab in the Programs and Billing section of a child's profile
  2. Use the fields under Apply Charge to create the charge. This includes the following options:
    1. Charge To: select who is paying for the charge
    2. Schedule: determine if you want this charge to happen one time, or recur over a period of time
    3. Charge Date: the date the charge will be processed to the users online payment method if one is configured. This date is also used to determine if the charge is outstanding if it hasn't been paid.
    4. Type: Select the debit type of the charge

      Note: You can customize the available debit types in settings.

    5. Program & Room: If you wish to associate this charge to a Program and Room that the child is enrolled in select it from the drop down or choose unassigned
    6. Amount: The amount of the charge
    7. Description: Enter a brief description about the charge


  3. If you wish to add a discount click the Discount button. The total payable will update to reflect the amount to be charged.

    Note: Discount options can be customized in settings.

  4. Click Apply Charge and the charge will be created