How to Build Journeys

Journeys provide you and your team with simple drag and drop automation.

Find this feature under Automation > Journeys to get started.

Drag objects into your Journey Builder and then connect them by clicking the triangles. There are four kinds of objects you can use:

  • Actions are used to send out an email or trigger a workflow at any given point in your process.
  • Decisions are a fork in the road for your Journey. Decisions create logic in your Journey by sending customers down different paths depending on their Lead data or what they did in previous actions. For example, you can set up a decision based on if someone read the previous email in the Journey.
  • Delays pass time in your Journey. Delays are useful for giving an ample amount of time for a lead to read an email, click a link, perform an action, etc.
  • Stops are the most ideal way to end a Journey for a customer. Stops ensure that you can track each person to an end point to make sure they made it down their separate paths.


  • Click on any journey step to edit that Journey and see who has reached that step in the Journey.

    Journeys can be started manually on this page via the Action bar or with a Workflow. Note that Workflows can't change someone who is already on a Journey.

    If you would like to force someone to the end of a journey, bypassing all the steps still to be taken, you can do so by looking at the CRM for any Lead and clicking the Skip to End of Journey link.


Reviewed and Updated on 06/13/2024 at 3:28 PM