How to Configure Debit Types

Customize your Debit Types to fit your billing needs. Understand how to add, edit, and configure them for effective accounting

  1. Go to Settings in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Click on the Billing tab.
  3. Click on the Debit Types tab.
  4. To add/edit a debit type:
    • To add a debit type scroll down and you’ll find an empty field labelled Enter a New Debit Type at the bottom of the list. Once you filled out the empty field, click on the round green checkmark  icon to save.
      • If you would like all paid charges associated with this debit to be added to the Tax Receipt, click the checkbox next to Included in Tax Receipt
      • If you would like said paid charge to be associated with your Enrollment Fees, click the checkbox next to Included in Enrollment Fees, e.g., security deposit, registration fees, initial payment, etc.
    • To edit a debit type, click on the blue edit pencil icon beside the one you would like to adjust. Once finished, click on the green checkmark icon to save. If would want to remove it click on the red trash bin  icon.
  5. Toggle on/off Lock Debits for All Locations to enable the settings on this page for all locations.

Image 41

Kindertales Tips

  • Please note that you cannot remove or edit any of the Kindertales defaulted Debit Types. These Debit Types will be indicated by a lock icon  next to them.
  • When checking off the box Included in Enrollment Fees, it’ll create said the debit type title in the Enrollment Fees list. (Please see our “Configuring Enrollment Fees” guide for more details.)