How to Configure, Record, and Report on End of Care Reasons

Our end of care / end program process allows you to provide a reason why a child would be ending their program. This guide will show you how to configure end of care reasons, select them while ending care and access reporting

Configuring End of Care Reasons

  1. Go to Settings and select Features and then Enrollment
  2. Towards the bottom of the page you will see a space to enter your custom End of Care Reasons
  3. There is also the ability to enable or disable an option to provided a typed reason for ending care


Selecting an End of Care Reason

  1. Navigate to the Enrollment Manager and select a child for whom you wish to end care


  2. On the final step of the wizard you will have a drop down to select from the reasons you've configured or select Other and type an answer if you've enabled that option


Reporting on End of Care Reasons

  1. Navigate to Analytics and select the End of Care Reasons report in the Enrollment Reports section
  2. Configure the filters and run the report. The reasons for end of care will be displayed. Records missing a reason either did not have one selected or existed prior to the End of Care reasons feature release (August 2022)