How to Link Children as Siblings

Effortlessly link children as siblings during profile creation or connect existing profiles. Simplify family management

Linking Children as Siblings During Profile Creation

To link a new child profile with an existing profile follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Enrollment in the main menu and select New Profile
  2. On the New Profile page there is a field to type in the name of an existing child that you would like to link the new child profile to as a sibling


  3. Type in the name of the existing child, the New Profile page will now lock in that child’s account details
  4. Complete remaining form fields and click Submit
  5. The children are now linked under the same primary account holder

Linking Existing Child Profiles as Siblings

To link two or more existing children together as siblings follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the Profile page for one of the children you wish to link
  2. Click the link icon in the profile header area


  3. A pop-up will display asking for the name of the child you wish to link, start typing and select the correct auto-completed result and then click Continue


  4. The primary account holder for each child will then be displayed. Select which user you wish to be the primary account holder for both children and click Continue.


  5. Sibling linking is now complete.
  • If the children are actively enrolled programs their schedules will need to match in order to be linked.
  • Payment arrangements will remain as they were prior to linking. Please review each child’s arrangements and makie any adjustments you wish.
  • The primary user not selected during linking will now appear as a secondary user for their original child. See instructions below for adding them as a user for the other child.

Adding discarded primary user to other child profile

  1. Proceed to the Profile of the child who needs the user added
  2. Click the Family tab in the child profile sub menu
  3. Click Add/Edit User
  4. A drop-down menu labeled Users will have the discarded primary user from the other child. Select that user and click Add User.


  5. The discarded primary user now appears as a secondary user for both children.