How to Modify an Email Template in CRM+

Accessing EasyBuilder in CRM+

  1. Navigate to CRM+ Homepage: Begin by accessing the CRM+ homepage within Kindertales.

  2. Go to Communicate and EasyBuilder: Click on the Communicate tab and navigate to EasyBuilder to access the platform for modifying email templates.

Uploading and Modifying a Template

  1. Upload the Template to Modify: Open the EasyBuilder templates, organized into folders. Choose the template you want to modify.

  2. Open Options for Modification: Once the template is on display, click into it to open options for modification. You can change the date, subject, pre-header, and even add attachments or sections to the email.

  3. Save as a New Template: After making modifications, save the template as a new version. Place it in the desired folder and save.

Moving the Modified Template to the Media Library

  1. Save Template to Media: To use the modified template in email communications, move it to the media library. Click on Save Media and add a description. Make it available to all locations and click Save.

  2. Access and Send Emails Using the Modified Template: Once the template is saved in the media library, you can access it and use it for sending emails in your daycare center's communications. Simply choose the modified template when composing emails.