How to Register & Waitlist A Family

  1. When a family has filled out your Inquiry Form, they will show up as a new Lead in CRM+ > Leads > View CRM > Children
  2. From here you'll see all your Leads in their stages on a Kanban board
  3. Drag the new Lead's card into the Closed Won stage
  4. A dialog box will appear allowing you to set the Outcome Reason for that child
  5. Navigate to Inquiries > CRM+ Inquiries
  6. To Enroll a child 
    1. Click the Plus Sign to Enroll the child
    2. You will be taken to the New Profile screen to create their account in Kindertales
  7. To Waitlist a child
    1. Click the child's row
    2. Scroll down to the Application and Waitlist Management section in the child's CRM+ profile
    3. Click Add to Waitlist