How to Schedule a Program and Pricing Change in Enrollment Manager

Effortlessly schedule program and pricing changes in Enrollment Manager for a seamless transition

  1. In the top search bar, start to type in the child you would like to make a change to
  2. This will auto-populate a list of names – click the EN icon to the right of the name of the child. You will be taken to the Enrollment Manager with that child already selected.
  3. Click Edit for the program you’d like to modify

    You can chain together sequences of graduations, schedule changes, room changes and end care! All sequenced changes must be done in chronological order and undone in reverse order.



  4. Select Occurs On date for when you wish the change to take place
  5. Make your required changes to the child’s program
  6. Click Continue


  7. If your changes include an update to pricing you will be asked to first specify a Transition Charge. The purpose of the Transition Charge is to make up any difference in program pricing if the change to the child’s program is happening in the middle of their billing cycle.
    1. If you do not want a Transition Charge just enter zero. If no pricing changes have been scheduled the process is now complete.


  8. If you have chosen to create a Transition Bill the next step is to arrange who will be paying for it. Use the provided interface to select a payer or split the charge amongst multiple payers and then click Continue


  9. The final step is to arrange who will be paying for the updated program. Use the provided interface to select payer(s) and apply any discounts. If you want to reference the payment breakdown of the prior program just mouse over the Previous Program link and that information will be displayed.
    1. Click Submit when you have the program arranged. This step is a new part of the edit program process as of December 4, 2020.

      Arrange Program Fee UI
      View Previous Program Arrangement Details

  10. The process is now complete. The final pop-up will provide a link to the child’s billing section if you wish to review your changes.