How to Send Parents Their Activation Email

Empower parents with Kindertales. Learn how to send activation emails for seamless account setup

What is the Activation Email?

Parents are not immediately notified a Kindertales account has been created for them until you deploy an activation email. This email instructs them to verify their account and set their password. Activation emails can be deployed from various places throughout the app:

Send Activation Email from Active and Pending Enrollment Lists

  1. Click Enrollment in the main menu, this will take you to the enrollment page with the Active enrollments tab selected
  2. There is a column labeled Activation with a status of Not Sent or Sent
  3. Click on Not Sent for any child you wish to send an Activation Email
  4. An Activation Email will be sent to all users associated to the child who have not received their activation
  5. You can also deploy Activation Emails from the Pending enrollment list in the same manner

Send Activation Emails in Bulk

  1. Click Enrollment in the main menu
  2. Select Tools from the Enrollment sub menu
  3. You should now be on the Bulk Activation tab with a few options
  4. A check box list will be available that includes the Active Enrollment list, Pending Enrollment list and individual rooms
  5. Select one or more groups you’d like to send an Activation Email to
    This will only send Activations to people who have not yet received one
  6. You can customize the opening paragraph of the email using the word-style editor provided on screen
  7. Use the Preview button to see a preview of the email
  8. Click Send

Send Activation Emails from Child Family Manager

  1. Click on a child in any of the Enrollment lists or use the Search at the top of the screen to find a child or parent
  2. Select Family from the child sub menu
  3. An Activation column displays the status of the Activation Email for each user associated with a child
  4. Click on a user that you wish to send or re-send an activation email to
  5. Click on the Send or Re-Send Activation email button to send an activation email to the user