How to Turn on Outbound Communication and Send Out the Parent Welcome Notification

You’ve done it! Your center is ready for full activation and you’re excited about your digital experience. Now it’s time to turn on Outbound Communication so the families in your care can receive daily notifications about their child’s day.

Turn on Outbound Communication

  1. Navigate to Settings > Location
  2. Scroll to the bottom and select ON for Outbound Communication
  3. Now families will receive messages, updates and daily activities regarding their child’s care


Generate Parent Notice

  1. Navigate to Enrollment > Tools > Parent Notice > Generate Flyer
  2. This will allow you to print out the welcome notice to put in the children’s cubbies or backpacks.


Send Bulk Activations

  1. Navigate to Enrollment > Tools > Bulk Activation
  2. Customize the Message to Parents
  3. Select to whom message is going
  4. Preview message
  5. Send right away