Linking a CRM Record to an Existing Kindertales Profile

If you have a CRM record with an email matching an existing Kindertales profile you can link the CRM record to the existing profile or enroll it as a sibling

Linking a CRM record to an existing Kindertales profile:

  1. Select CRM from the main menu and locate the record you would like to link
  2. Click the + in the Enroll column on that record or change its stage to Enrolled


  3. If the CRM record contains an email matching a Kindertales profile a pop-up will appear asking if you’d like to Link the record to the existing profile or Enroll the CRM record as a sibling


  4. If you choose to Link to an Existing Profile and click Submit the CRM record will be linked to the profile you selected from the drop-down
  5. If you choose to Link as a Sibling you will be directed to the New Profile page. Enter the name of the sibling in the field at the top of the page and click Create Account.