Managing Tasks in CRM+

Utilizing the To-Do List

The to-do list in CRM+ plays a crucial role in helping you and your team stay organized and responsive to leads in your CRM pipeline. It serves as a centralized hub for managing day-to-day interactions and tasks associated with potential families.

Accessing the To-Do List

  1. Navigate to the CRM Plus Dashboard: Upon logging in, head to the CRM+ Dashboard, where you can find essential tools for lead management.

  2. Preview Assigned Tasks: Within the dashboard, you'll be able to preview the list of tasks assigned to you. These tasks are instrumental in maintaining a proactive approach to lead engagement.

Viewing Tasks on a Larger Scale

  1. Click on Leads: For a more comprehensive view, click on the "Leads" section.

  2. Navigate to To-Do List: Within the Leads section, find and click on the "To-Do List" option. This will provide you with an overview of tasks due today or in the future.

  3. Color-Coded Tasks: Each task on the list is represented by a color-coded dot on the right-hand side, indicating different task types or priorities.

Marking Tasks as Completed

  1. Select a Task Item for a Lead: To mark a task as completed, click on the specific task item associated with a lead.

  2. Access the Incomplete Task on the Family's Activity Page: This action will direct you to the incomplete task on the family's activity page.

  3. Mark as Completed: Simply click on Mark as Completed after finishing the task, and the status will be updated to Completed on that lead's page.

Benefits of Task Management in CRM+

  1. Enhanced Organization: The to-do list ensures that tasks are systematically organized, aiding in efficient daily interactions with leads.

  2. Prioritization and Overview: The color-coded system allows for easy prioritization, giving you a quick overview of pending tasks and deadlines.

  3. Streamlined Completion Process: Marking tasks as completed is a straightforward process, promoting a seamless workflow for your administrative team.