Pausing Enrollments

Learn how to pause enrollments in Kindertales, ensuring spot retention, maintaining payment arrangements, and managing charges. Detailed steps and use cases included.

What's in This Article


The pausing enrollment feature in Kindertales allows you to temporarily pause a child’s enrollment without the need to end care and re-enroll them later. This feature helps maintain continuity in forecasting, payment arrangements, and communication with families, ensuring a smooth experience for both administrators and families.

Benefits of Pausing Enrollments

  • Holds the child’s spot for future return: Ensures space availability for future forecasting
  • Maintains payment arrangements: Unlike ending care, payment setups remain intact
  • Families receive email notifications for upcoming charges: Keeps families informed about financial obligations

How to Pause Enrollments

  1. Navigate to the Enrollment Manager: From the homepage or anywhere on the site, click Enrollment from the left-hand sidebar to access the Enrollment Manager
  2. Select a Student: In the Enrollment Manager, click on the student’s name
  3. Pause the Enrollment: Click on the Pause button to pause their enrollment

  4. Enter Pause Details: Enter a pause start date and a pause end date, then click Continue

  5. Confirm Pause Program: You will see a Pause Program Confirmation screen showing your pause start date, pause end date, last charge date, and next charge date. Click Continue from this screen

  6. Click Submit to confirm the paused program enrollment

NOTE: You must pause a child before scheduling any upcoming moves or changes to enrollment. A child who has currently scheduled changes will need to have those changes cancelled and re-added after they have been paused.

When a child's enrollment is paused:

  • The child moves to Pending on the profiles page
  • The child does not appear in the classroom screen on the mobile app
  • No charges are posted during the paused period
  • The child becomes active again on the un-pause date (e.g., if the un-pause date is May 28, the child is active on May 28)

Daily Billing Use Case (Coming Soon)

Ending a Pause After the Billing Date:

  • If the billing date is June 1 and the un-pause date is June 7, you will see the number of days to be billed when creating the pause
  • Charges will be generated on the child’s account when they become un-paused
  • If changes or moves are scheduled while the child is paused, manually update the charge (void and repost)
Starting a Pause in the Middle of the Billing Cycle:
  • Manually credit the family for the additional days

Monthly Billing Use Case

  • No bills are calculated for period billing
  • Manually post charges for resuming care if the child does not return on a billing date

Additional Notes

  • For entire programs being unpaused simultaneously, use the Holidays by Program feature to allow for normally scheduled bills to be generated and exclude the days the children won't be in attendance.
    • Example: All school age children return August 10th. By adding in holidays for August 1-9th, you can unpause the children August 1st for a monthly generated bill that represents only the days of the month the children will be there.
  • Schedule moves and enrollment changes after scheduling the pause
  • If a Single Day Drop Off charge is created for a future date before a pause is scheduled and the Single Day Drop Off charge date falls during the paused period for a child, the charge will not be voided.
    • Please void all future Single Day Drop Off charges for paused children so that families will not be billed for them.