Power BI: Payout Details Report

This report is great for controllers, accountants, office administrators, etc. to be able to cross-check deposits made into company bank accounts against the transactions being charged to families by centers and fees being taken by KinderPay.

Please note: A major difference between the Power BI Payout Details report and the original Kindertales Payout Details report is that Power BI updates the data once a day at 4:00AM. So if you are looking at today’s date Power BI will not include it and using the original Kindertales report is recommended.

  • Navigate to Analytics on the menu bar and find the Payout Details Report under
Business Intelligence.

  • Log into Power BI using the credentials provided to you or reach out to support@kindertales.com.
  • On the first screen below, you will see all of your locations and their Gross, Net, and Fee totals. These numbers are calculated using the date range filters at the top of the report.  You are able to filter by any date range and see weeks, months, etc. all in one report.

Remember - the fees you see here are processing fees you pay through KinderPay.

  • By selecting a specific location row, you are able to drill down into that location’s specific payout details for the date range selected.
  • Below, you will see that there are two payout detail reports for May 2, 2023. Again, you can select a single row and drill down into a specific payer details for that date.

  • The payer drill down shows you the total amount of a single transaction an individual payer paid, regardless of the number of children included on that transaction. You can select a single payer row and drill down into the specific child details associated with the transactions.

  • At this final drill down level, you can see each child, the type of transaction, the program, room, date paid, as well as the gross, net, and fee totals per child. Simply scroll right.


Need to get this data out of Kindertales? Simply click the three dots and select Export Data.


Reviewed and Updated on 06/13/2024 at 3:30 PM