Pro-Rated Program Fees

This guide will show you how to configure your pro-rated pricing and how to apply it during program enrollment

How to configure Pro-Rated Program Pricing

  1. Click Settings and go to Programs
  2. Select a Program and then choose a Pricing Tier to add Pro-rated pricing to
  3. Enter an amount to use for pro-rating in the Daily Pro-Rate field
    PR 0

  4. Click Update and Save

Applying a Pro-Rated Charge

Pro-rated pricing triggers when you enroll a child with a start date prior to their first charge date. The system will recognize this and offer to generate a charge for the scheduled days between the two dates.

  1. Select a child and navigate to the Programs tab in the Programs and Billing section
  2. Fill out the form selected a first charge date that is before their first charge date
  3. Click Save Program and continue through the process
    PR 1

  4. An Pro-rate pop-up will appear informing you that there may be unbilled days in care due to the dates selected

  5. You can choose to create a charge or skip this step if you wish



Items to note

  • Your pro-rated daily rate must be configured for the selected pricing tier for the create charge option to function.
  • If you select a start date in the past the tool will not auto calculate an amount for the pro-rated charge to prevent large amounts from being accidentally billed.
  • The pro-rate tool will auto assign the charge to the configured Global Split. If no Global Split has been configured it will assign the charge to the primary payer.