Review a Child’s Billing Dashboard

Review a child's billing information in Kindertales. Review program enrollment, payment schedules, attendance, payers, charges, and outstanding fees.

  1. Enter a child’s profile
  2. Select the child’s Programs & Billing tab
  3. Review the Programs in which the child is enrolled
  4. Review the Payment Schedule, the Total Charge and how many days until the Next Charge
  5. Review the child’s Attendance Graph below and a detailed list of days attended, absent, additional days and late days.
  6. To the right review the associated Payers on the account
  7. Review the Next Charge Date and the Amount to be collected
  8. Review the Primary Payment Method
  9. Review the Global Fee Split if relevant and how much each payer is responsible for
  10. Review if they have AutoPay on and Incidentals on and associated with a Payment Method
  11. Review any Outstanding Charges on the account