Reviewing an Inquiry Entry in the CRM

Inquiry entries contain all the details about an inquiry captured from the Inquiry and Application forms as well allowing a user to perform a variety of functions related to the entry

Navigating to an Inquiry Entry

There are a variety of ways to navigate to an inquiry entry:

  1. Select CRM from the main menu and visually locate the entry in question on the Inquiry list
  2. Use the Search field found at the top of all pages
  3. On your Dashboard you may have notifications related to inquiries or entries in the CRM mini feed. Clicking any of these alerts will take you directly to the related Inquiry entry.


Reviewing an Inquiry Entry

Once you have found the entry you’re looking for on the Inquiry, Waitlist, Won or Lost lists click on it to expand and view the details:

  1. The Lead Management section allows you to set the owner and stage of the inquiry entry
  2. The Family Information section includes data captured from the Inquiry and/or Application Forms
  3. The Application & Waitlist Management area allows you to send users an application that can include a required payment as well as place the child on the waitlist for a specific room and program


  4. The Additional Inquiry & Application Questions area will contain the answers to any customized questions you’ve added to the Inquiry or Application forms
  5. The Book a Tour section allows you to schedule a tour date and time as well as record if the customer attended and who provided the tour
  6. The Communication feed displays all the correspondence between you and the customer as well as major events in the inquiry process.