Automatically Add Enrollment Fees During Program Sign-Up

Discover the Auto Generate Enrollment Fees feature in Kindertales. It automates fee creation for new program enrollments, streamlining the process.

Auto Generate Enrollment Fees Experience

This feature only triggers when enrolling a child in their very first program, so a child with no current enrollments will be required to complete the following steps.

  1. Navigate to a child on your Pending enrollment list and click the Add Program plus button from the quick links areaAsset 4 3
  2. Complete the program sign-up form as per the child’s needs and click Save Program
  3. A pop-up will now display summarizing the Enrollment Fees for the child based on your Enrollment fee settings. (See How to Configure Enrollment Fees)
  4. You can change the charge date for each of the fees. By default it selects today’s date.
  5. If the Provide option to decline fees option is enabled the pop-up will ask you to confirm the creation of the fees by selecting Yes or No. If the option is not enabled the pop-up will only summarize the fees being created. It is recommended to keep the option to decline the fees turned on until you are comfortable using the system
  6. Click the Confirm button to save the program enrollment and create the enrollment fees