Meal Planning Part 3 – Menu Management

The Menu Management section is where you enter all the individual food and drink items available at your locations. You can specify which menu types and meals these items are available to.

Note: The location lock at the top of the Settings page allows you to configure the Meal Planning system to apply to all locations or allow you to configure each location individually. This also impacts the Menu Management page.

Menu Management Items

This is where you add individual food and drink items for use in planning out your meals. You are able to restrict these items to certain menu types and meals. (e.g. Bacon might be restricted to a breakfast meal only for children with no dietary restrictions).

  1. Select "Meal Planning" in the main menu and then select "Menu Management"
  2. Click "Add Menu item" to add a menu item to the system

  3. The Add Menu Item pop-up allows you to specify if this is a Food or Drink item, provide a name and description, and indicate which Menus, Meals and Locations this item is available to.

Note: Drinks do not need to be assigned to meals and menu types and are considered available options at all times.

What is the Pantry option?

The "Pantry" option in the Meal(s) drop down allows you to indicate this is a food item that is always available in your pantry as a possible substitute when recording a meal in the Kindertales for Classrooms app.

Next Steps

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