Meal Planning Part 4 – Meal Planner

After configuring settings and adding food/drink items, set up meals. Meal calendar lets you create meals for one or multiple locations, offers time-saving copying tools, and provides monthly and weekly views.

Adding a Meal

  1. Select ‘Meal Planning’ in the main menu. You will arrive on the ‘Meal Planner’ page
  2. Note the filters at the top of the calendar. These are showing you which Location, Room, Menu and Meal you are currently viewing. Set the filters appropriately based on what meal you’d like to add
  3. Click the green plus button at the top right of the calendar. This opens the Add Meal Plan pop-up. The pop-up will default to the same filters that appeared at the top of the calendar. From this pop-up you can:
    1. Set the meal you are adding
    2. Set which menus this meal applies to
    3. Which locations in your organization will offer this meal
    4. If selecting only one location you can control meals by room. If you select multiple locations the meal will apply to all rooms at the selected locations
    5. Which dates this meal will be offered
    6. Select the food and drink items, including alternatives for each that make up the meal

  4. Once you are happy with your selections. Click save and you will be returned to the calendar. Your meal should appear as long as the filters at the top of the calendar are still displaying corresponding choices that match the meal you added.

Editing / Removing a Meal

  1. Click the edit pencil in a date cell for a meal you wish to edit or delete2024-02-23_at_10.08.33_Screenshot
  2. This launches the ‘Edit Meal Plan’ pop-up. This pop-up functions the same as adding a meal plan. You can edit the meal and click save or click Delete to remove the meal from that day.2024-02-23_at_10.09.26_Screenshot

Note: The pop-up will alert you if any edits you make will overwrite already existing meals.

Copying a Meal

  1. Select a date cell that contains a meal you wish to copy. The cell should highlight in blue.
  2. This enables the blue copy button found at the top right of the calendar. Click the button to launch the Copy Meal pop-up.2024-02-23_at_10.09.55_Screenshot
  3. The copy meal pop-up functions similarly to the Add and Edit meal pop-ups. Configure your choices and click submit. The selected meal will be copied based on your choices.2024-02-23_at_10.10.49_Screenshot

Note: The pop-up will alert you if any edits you make will overwrite already existing meals.

Next Steps

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